Consulting on overlapping Services

Many companies could act far more successful, if they would optimize the interfaces between procurement, marketing and sales. Due to the focus still being on each business unit with each unit being seen as completely independent, workflows, tools and targets are being defined and optimized individually rather than with the “bigger” picture in mind. This is where we can create added value by establishing and optimizing interfaces between each area. The outcome is not limited to realizing quick wins, but also in a sustainable improved P & L.

In addition to that we achieve an optimized interface between departments, which will allow for far more efficient workflows.

Potential areas for consulting or active support would be:

Procurement <–> Marketing

  • –     Support on drafting Service Level Agreements
  • –      Pitch/RFx preparation
  • –     Running a pitch/Rfx for you/supporting (partially or auditing)
  • –     Building general understanding for the individual roles of marketing and procurement
  • –     How to identify hidden Agency Cost


Procurment <-> Sales

  • Create an in-depth understanding of the potentials and limits of your own value chain (avoiding critical commitments to customer)
  • Vendor Innovation Workshops (B2B), using your vendor potential in finding solutions for your customers
  • Answering customer pitches more efficient and convincing
  • How to successfully convince or win-over your customer procurement department.
  • Customer Due Diligence / assistance regarding the preparation of a pitch for your customer


Additional Services

  • Marketing Execution and/or Controlling /QM, especially in cross country projects